Download Angry Birds free on Windows PC

Angry Birds is probably the most talked about and played smartphone game these days. The graphics, background score, scoring etc., everything is up to the mark and the game is worth taking out time and playing. To add to it, it makes you habitual of itself, its so good.

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Angry Birds was however only available for smartphones and not for PC. However, as you may have read before and tried our tutorials to download games and softwares that are available for smartphones on your Windows PCs, this time around we are offering you a tutorial that will help you download Angry Birds on your Windows PC free of cost.

You can download clash of clans for pc on Extraneous Kickassery.

But before we tell you how to download Angry Birds free of cost on your Windows PC, let us read in detail about the game.


Angry Birds – Features

  1. Angry Birds has had 3 seasons – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars. All three seasons have been engaging and worth a play.
  2. Angry Birds is a game in which you have to clear as many levels as possible and increase your score thereafter.
  3. You have to clear levels with a set count of bird lives. Else, you lose.
  4. All the birds in the game get different powers. So, it becomes exciting with every bird as levels get tough.
  5. Ever episode ends with the beginning of another episode. So, the game literally doesn’t have an end, and that’s what makes things more interesting.

Now that we know how Angry Birds needs to be played, let us find out how to download Angry Birds for Windows PC, that too for free.

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Download Angry Birds for Windows PC for free

In order to download Angry Birds for Windows PC for free, you need to have Bluestacks Android emulator. What it does is, it emulates your Windows PC as your Android smartphone’s and lets you play Angry Birds on your Windows PC the way you play it on your smartphone. So, download and install Bluestacks Android emulator first.

After installing Bluestacks android emulator, you just need to search for Angry Birds in its search bar. Having searched it, just download it from there and install on your Windows PC. Having installed it, all you need to do is open it and start playing. That’s it, this is all we have for now. For more games and apps on your PC, keep glued to us.

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My Experience with A Small Orange Web Hosting

In this short but intriguing review, I’ll discuss today certain important aspects of A Small Orange like plans, website, price, customer support etc.

Introduction about A Small Orange

A Small Orange has been in the hosting industry for the past 11 years. Launched in 2003, they are now well known and have the current headquarters at Durham, North Carolina.


A Small Orange Hosting Plans

Trust me, with the kind of choices that you’ll get at A Small Orange, you’ll be more than confused on which one to choose. Here are the plans for shared web hosting on A Small Orange.

1.                  Tiny: $35/year with 250MB Disk & 5GB Bandwidth

2.                  Small: $5/month with 1GB Disk & 20GB Bandwidth

3.                  Medium: $10/month with 5GB Disk & 100GB Bandwidth

4.                  Large: $20/month with 15GB Disk & 300GB Bandwidth

5.                  Super: $30/month with 25GB Disk & 500GB Bandwidth

Having had 5 plans for shared hosting, there are 3 options to choose from for Reseller web hosting. Here are they.

1.                  Small: $15/mo with 3GB Disk, 30GB B/W, & 30 hosted sites

2.                  Medium: $25/mo with 5GB Disk, 50GB B/W, & 50 hosted sites

3.                  Large: $35/mo with 10GB Disk, 100GB B/W, & 100 hosted sites

And another 3 options to choose in case of Business web hosting as listed under.

1.                  Startup: $20/mo with 10GB Disk & 100GB Bandwidth

2.                  Small Business: $40/mo with 20GB Disk & 200GB Bandwidth

3.                  Enterprise: $60/mo with 30GB Disk & 300GB Bandwidth

You can find A Small Web Coupon codes at and

However, if you do decide to go for arvixe then you can checkout, for their coupon codes.


A Small Orange guarantees an uptime of 99.9% and you can also check and keep an eye on the performance through a live page that shows the status.

The company’s write-up on the website also mentions that all their places are monitored by CCTVs and get UPS supply and have a battery back up as well as a diesel generator.

Customer Support

The customer service and support at A Small Orange is something that is the best part of the package. Once you’ve made a ticket, you get a response from even their technical support within half an hour.

And more than the fact that they respond so quickly, its that their team is so well versed with everything and have such vast knowledge that the issues are resolved as if they never cropped up.


Yes, A Small Orange gets a cPanel but it is not free every time and you’ll have to check whether you have a license for the same or not.


Some of the advantages of A Small Orange are:

  1. Great tutorials that help customers.
  2. Pricing is great and packages are value for money.
  3. Choice of plans is large enough for you to choose a plan that will suit your needs without spending a lot.
  4. cPanel is easy to use.
  5. Customer support team’s response is very quick.


  1. No phone support for basic packages.
  2. At times, the guaranteed uptime takes a toll and drops to about 99.7% (a personal experience)


A Small Orange is a great company and they know their pros and cons. They have an intention to keep customers above all and that is the best thing. Their services are well priced and it is an enjoyable experience with them.