Is Weight Loss Surgery the only alternative left?

In the month of January, my high school friend Samantha, was advised by doctors to go for weight loss surgery. She was weighing 450 pounds at that time and it was very difficult for her to do any kind of work. As you know depression accompanies such obesity, and she had almost given up hope. She told me that she does not want to undergo the surgery but it was only option left. With about 45 days left for the surgery I started looking for some alternatives that might save my friend from a painful surgery. I knew I have to find a simple solution because her body will be unable to go under any kind of vigorous training. Moreover, the results should be prominent and quick.


After browsing the Internet for three hours, I came across this video of a girl who had lost 7lbs in 2 weeks. And she was able to do it with the help of Phen375. Essentially they are weight loss pills which enhance the body metabolism and help in appetite control. These pills seemed quite promising as I saw testimonials of a lot of people who had seen some significant results. I consulted with my physician and I decided to recommend Phen375 to Samantha. She was reluctant to try this out, but with a hope of avoiding the dreaded surgery, she decided to go forward with it.

And in two weeks her life turned upside down. That’s right Samantha lost, a whopping 14 pounds in two weeks. That’s one pound a day. We all were shocked and ecstatic. And after a month of regular but controlled consumption, she lost 27 pounds. Samantha visited her doctor and He couldn’t believe it because he had never any kind of weight loss products deliver such effective results. He decided that there is no need of surgery now and told her to continue with Phen375. After three months, my friend has lost 60 pounds and now she has taken up an exercise routine. She feels energetic and she has a new positive outlook towards life. This product has made to medical journals worldwide and has received rave reviews from experts worldwide.

Dr. James Anderson of Columbia Medical College, while addressing a gathering at Global Medical Conference, in December, 2013, said that we might have found the best alternative for weight loss surgeries. He highly recommended the use of this product and advised doctors to go for surgeries only in extreme cases.